Helping HSC students

succeed since 2016.

AceHSC is an online platform for senior high school students in New South Wales. Where students can access free resources to ease their studies and educational journey from high school into university successful as much as possible.

AceHSC was founded by Huseyin Kocagoz, who recognised the lack of information/resources for HSC students. After numerous months spent contacting students from all over NSW and receiving thousands of resource via email, this dream came true. That’s when he developed & launched AceHSC on April 13th, 2016.

Every day, AceHSC saves thousands of student’s hours from filtering through unrelated and outdated resources from the web. Making studying easier, with an extensive library of past papers, study guides, assignments, study notes and essays created by students. AceHSC is now being used by students, tutors and teachers in NSW.


Our mission is to empower students to excel in their studies by providing the best resources to ease their study more efficiently.


We want students to have an ease in their studies and journey from high school into university successful as possible.

For the Press

Thank you for your interest in AceHSC. We have a few guidelines for using AceHSC’s brand resources. AceHSC is one word. Please capitalise the HSC.

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