Information Technology VET Study Notes

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  Apply occupational health and safety procedures (21.1 KiB, 851 hits)

  Care for computer hardware (23.3 KiB, 1,358 hits)

  Create user documentation (18.9 KiB, 451 hits)

  Creating user documentation #2 (1.2 MiB, 478 hits)

  Database (21.5 KiB, 374 hits)

  Excel Notes (19.5 KiB, 390 hits)

  File conversion (19.5 KiB, 346 hits)

  Hardware Register (48.5 KiB, 407 hits)

  Install and optimise operating system software (19.8 KiB, 577 hits)

  Internet Protocols (23.0 KiB, 357 hits)

  Multimedia Formats (33.5 KiB, 410 hits)

  Organisational Documents (19.5 KiB, 370 hits)

  Reports (unknown, 498 hits)

  Reports (21.5 KiB, 333 hits)

  Section III of the Exam (43.0 KiB, 462 hits)

  WHS (33.0 KiB, 446 hits)

  Work effectively in an IT environment (18.4 KiB, 485 hits)

  Work effectively (36.0 KiB, 446 hits)

  IT VET Notes #2 (39.0 KiB, 545 hits)

  IT VET Notes (82.5 KiB, 668 hits)

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