Agrippina the Young Essay (Claudia Murphy)

Grade: HSC
Subject: Ancient History
Resource type: Essay
Written by: Claudia Murphy
Year uploaded: 2020
Page length: 1



Resource Description

To what extent have interpretations and images of Agrippina the Younger changed over time. Intro: Agrippina the Younger is portrayed by ancient sources as an evil and manipulative woman who brought with her the downfall of the reign of Claudius. Her involvement in politics has been largely misrepresented and has caused a major misinterpretation of her overall character and her effect on the Roman Empire. Images made of her such as coinage and reliefs show Agrippina as a supportive figure of both Claudius and Nero and grace her with an almost affectionate disposition that contrasts so greatly on ancient sources’ portrayal of her. Modern interpretations however have changed greatly, and Agrippina is found to be a positive attribute to both the reign of Claudius and Nero. The modern images seem to lean more so to the negative portrayals of Agrippina as displayed in the ancient sources we have. It is clear the purposes of ancient historians have made way to the misogynistic views of women in power, as almost all famed Roman women are painted to this day.

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