How To Survive the HSC

Grade: HSC
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Written by: N. O.
Year uploaded: 2020
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How To Survive the HSC

After making it through the struggled of the HSC I’ve decided to make a few tips for all you rookies!! You may choose to abide by them or ignore them fully – totally up to you!

1. Do not be disheartened by a grade
Yep. Even year 11. As they say – your past should not dictate your future! You may have started year 12 with disappointing prelim marks. In the future you may receive a mark that does not reach your standard.

Whatever you do, do not let this affect you!!

Learn from your mistakes and remember it is NEVER too late to turn around and change your habits. I had never actually done that well in Year 11. With a slight adjustment in study habits I managed to turn my rank around in Legal Studies to 13th in Year 11 to 1st in Year 12 before finishing with a final ranking of 2nd – I am living proof that “work input = output”.

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