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John Leslie “Wes” Montgomery was born on the 6th of march 1923 and he died on the 15th of june 1968.

Wes Montgomery was an American jazz guitarists and he is considered as one of the major guitarists emerging after such seminal figures as “Django Reinhardt” and “Charlie Christian” and influencing countless others, including “Pat Martino”, “George Benson”, and “Pat Metheny.”

Wes montgomery was born in indianapolis, indiana. He came from a musical family; his brothers Monk (string bass and electric bass) and Buddy ( Vibraphone and Piano), were jazz performers. The brothers released a number of albums together as the Montgomery Brothers. Although he was not skilled at reading music, he could learn complex melodies and riffs by ear.

Montgomery started learning guitar relatively late, at the age of 19, by listening to and learning the recordings of his idol, guitarist Charlie Christian. He was known for his ability to play Christian solos note for note and was hired by Lionel Hampton for this ability.

Many fellow Jazz guitarists consider Montgomery the greatest influence among modern jazz guitarists. Pat Metheny has praised him greatly, saying “I learned to play listening to Wes Montgomery’s Smokin’ At The Half Note.” In addition, Metheny stated to the New York Times in 2005 that the solo on “If You Could See Me Now,” from this album is his favorite of all time.

Patrick Bruce Metheny is One of the most successful and critically acclaimed jazz musicians to come to prominence in the 1970s and ’80s, he is the leader of the Pat Metheny Group and is also involved in duets, solo works and other side projects. He was also an american jazz guitarist.

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