Essay about Biophysical Factors (Katia Fenton)

Grade: HSC
Subject: Geography
Resource type: Essay
Written by: Katia Fenton
Year uploaded: 2019
Page length: 5



Resource Description

Explain how biophysical factors influence the nature, spatial patters, and future directions of ONE economic activity. Introduction: Viticulture is the practice of growing grapes to produce wine. This therefore means that biophysical factors greatly impact the nature, spatial patters and future directions of viticulture as an outdoor industry. Biophysical impacts include climate, soil temperature, rainfall, topography, sunlight and diseases which can all impact crop varieties. these can dictate historical and modern producers, location of vineyards and the future and movement of wine companies and growers. Therefore, viticulture is greatly influenced by biophysical factors impacting areas such as nature, spatial patters and future directions.

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