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Grade: HSC
Subject: Geography
Resource type: Notes
Written by: Ally Bodie
Year uploaded: 2016
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Biophysical deterrents to tourism

  • Biophysical factors can also act as a deterrent to tourism. Tourists are often reluctant to travel to destinations that are affected by natural disasters and other inclement elements.
  • The Sydney bush fires in January 2002 limited the flow of tourists to the Blue Mountains
  • Reoccurring earthquakes in Indonesia
  • Tropical cyclones in far north Queensland
  • Monsoon conditions make South-East Asia a difficult place to travel to during the wet season.

Ecological factors

  • Mass tourism is not considered to be sustainable
  • Global tourism has pushed for eco-tourism.
  • Ecotourism has evolved over the last 20 years as we have come to the realization and recognition of the negative impacts of mass tourism.
  • An example of Eco-tourism Philip Island. It has a penguin parade and all profits are reinvested back into conservation and research. It has a variety of Australian animals drawing crowds from around the world to see them.
  • Human induced climate change, possible threats include droughts, rising sea levels, flash flooding, forest fires and disease.

Economic factors

  • Tourism is the largest industry in the world, it is the biggest source of foreign exchange for many countries.
  • Africa attract only 2.5% of international tourists.

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