Indochina Peace & Conflict Essay (Georgia Morrison)

Grade: HSC
Subject: Modern History
Resource type: Essay
Written by: Georgia Morrison
Year uploaded: 2020
Page length: 4



Resource Description

To what extent were US policies responsible for communist victory in Cambodia and Laos? Intro: US policies of expansion and political involvement in Cambodia and Laos did not accommodate for the needs of the civilians and enabled their rapid radicalisation, rendering US policy substantially responsible for communist victory in Cambodia and Laos. However, the general appeal of the respective communist parties in Cambodia and Laos also greatly contributed to their ultimate victory, as they embodied the pre-existing values of xenophobia in Cambodia and emphasised the maintenance of Laotian neutrality. The US expansion of the Vietnamese conflict angered both the Cambodian and Laotian populations, and this coupled with the US political involvement in both Laos and Cambodia substantially enabled communist victories in both Laos and Cambodia. Communist victories in Cambodia and Laos can be significantly attributed to the failures of US policy due to their advancement of the radicalisation of the people, however the general appeal of the Khmer Rouge and the Pathet Lao were also greatly responsible.

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