Kanawati Notes – Conspiracies in the Egyptian Palace

Grade: HSC
Subject: History Extension
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Year uploaded: 2017
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Resource Description

Assassination Claim

  • Grimal supports the assassination claim
  • Manetho’s book on Egyptian history survived only through Jewish historians’ extracts. This creates a biased point of view
  • Extracts of Manetho’s records have been recorded also by Christian chronographers, notably Africanus and Eusebius
  • Therefore there are many problems when interpreting Manetho’s work. Both Egyptian and Jewish historians had reason to distort facts to condemn each other
  • No doubt Manetho was highly educated in Greek and Egyptian and had available records and other resources which he could understand
  • Manetho criticised and contradicted Herodotus
  • His aim was to record the history of his country and correct the errors of Greek historians
  • Credited with only claiming one other king [Amenemhat] to have been murdered; more credibility to Teti’s murder
  • No other texts exist which suggest Teti was murdered, but we should not dismiss that one never existed. ‘One should not argue from silence
  • Manetho may have had access to written or oral sources that have been destroyed, but archaeological evidence shows that the Teti cemetery remained buried until modern times

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