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Grade: HSC
Subject: Business Studies
Resource type: Assessment Task
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Year uploaded: 2021
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Resource Description

Executive Summary
Lubin Educational Toys (LET) is an Australian toy manufacturer currently located in Sydney. Having gained profits and market share, the business wishes to expand into other areas of Australia. To do this, it requires investment in market research and product development to remain competitive. This report outlines the interdependence between finance and marketing for LET. It discusses using retained profits and debentures as sources of finance for marketing and business expansion. Additionally, it explains the impact of marketing legislation on the ways that LET promotes its products.

The interdependence of finance and marketing
Finance and marketing are closely linked – that is; they cannot operate without one another.  Marketing is the business function that generates income, as without brand awareness or a customer-suitable product developed by market research, consumers will not purchase the product, thus no finance from sales is gained. However, marketing relies on a financial budget for promotional activities e.g. advertising, so it cannot operate without some initial finance. In this way, they are heavily interdependent.

Sources of finance
To finance expansion, LET should consider sourcing finance both internally and externally.

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