Spartan Architecture Essay 19/20

Grade: HSC
Subject: Ancient History
Resource type: Essay
Written by: N/A
Year uploaded: 2019
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Resource Description

Evaluate the significance of Spartan architecture as an expression of their culture. Intro The Spartan civilisation was distinctive in the annals of ancient Greek city-states. Spartansociety was not solely distinguished by its unique code of law, underpinned by eunomia,enshrined in the Great Rhetra, and crafted by Sparta’s ancestral lawgiver, Lykourgos, butits architecture also contrasted starkly with the rest of Greece. Although little tangibleevidence has survived of the ordinary Spartiate home, there are significant archaeologicalremains of Sparta’s religious structures. The Amyklaion, Menelaion and Sanctuary ofArtemis Orthia were all buildings representative of Spartan cultural life; one typified byfervent religiousness.

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