What is history (Notes)

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Who are the historians?

  • The identity of historians: biographical details, personal values and beliefs, philosophy of history, approaches to the construction of history, bias
  • The context of historians: gender, class, ethnicity, time, place, social and economic structures/change, political constraints, official and unofficial status

What are the historical debates?

  • Historical interpretations (including recent histiography) of the issue
  • Popular interpretations and perspectives of the issue
  • Changing approaches to the construction of the history of the issue

What are the purposes of history?

  • The aims and purposes of specific historical debates
  • Changing interpretations and perspectives of the aims and purposes of history
  • Changing interpretations and perspectives of the role of history

How has history been constructed and recorded overtime?

  • Changing methods of historians
  • How historians work
  • Forms of historical communication: written, oral, visual, audio-visual, multimedia
  • Types of history:g. political, social, economic, military, academic, popular, constitutional, national, local, surveys, area and period studies, biographies, psychohistories

How have approaches to history changed overtime?

  • The availability of the historical evidence
  • The context of historians
  • Changing interpretations and perspectives about approaches to the construction of history
  • Changing philosophies of history

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