World Order – Case Studies

Grade: HSC
Subject: Legal Studies
Resource type: Case Study
Written by: N. O.
Year uploaded: 2020
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Background /When ; 2003 – today

o Darfur, Sudan
o The Darfur region is located in the western part of the Sudan, a country in Africa.
o The estimated population of Darfur is around 4 million, approximately 60% of whom are
subsistence farmers.
o The major ethnic group is the Fur.
o The rest are either nomadic or semi-nomadic herders.
o Also in this area are other tribal groups, some of whom are of non-Arab origin and some of whom
are of Arab origin.

o Religion and disagreement between values and ethics between north and south Sudan
o Power struggles within an emerging country
o Access to recourses – Oil in South Sudan and thus neighbouring countries enter the conflict
o Changing borders leading to disparities between ethnic groups
o Ethnic/cultural groups
o The main cause of this conflict was the Darfuris’ widespread feeling of being consistently
socio-economically marginalised and a desire for a measure of self-determination.

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